Different Types of Gate Systems

Arm gate system is designed for reliability for both swing and folding gate system. It operates with low noise level and operational with 12V 7 AH battery during power outage. The unit is in stainless steel casing. This motor is usually maintenance free due to carbonless brush system. The motor strength ranges from 200kg to 400kg per wing. Control Panel are divided into 2 categories. Micro processor panels are usually the best controls as they controls the motor without many adjustment. Many models are available to choose from. Important considerations are the size & weight of your gate, whether you would like to get a local or imported make, what is the availability of spare parts (especially arms & motors)? This configuration is the most popular configuration as it is easy to install, simple and realiable to operate and suitable for the Local wet environement as the motor is not below ground and supceptable to flooding.
Underground swing gate system is specially design for swing gate system. It operates with low noise level. The pull and push features allowed the gate to operate manually during power supply outage. This underground system are slowly being replace by arm type system due to maintenance and parts. Underground system are aesthetically the least obtrusive as the motors are hidden away from view, they are also the most suitable option where the width of the gate is limited as the motor does not take up any space by the side of the gate post.
DC Sliding gate system is specially designed for sliding gate and consists of mechanical and electronic components. It uses only 24V DC and backup by battery during power supply outage. The magnetic counting system used by some sliding gate system is a new high technology used in automatic gate. It also provides 2 speed to slow the gate down near opening or closing to reduce banging noise. These gates are very robust and reliable as it is mechanically very simple. However, these gates tend to be slower to operate as the gate has to slide across 11 feet of track to open, further more it requires space by the side of the gate to allow the gate to slide into.
AC Sliding gate system supports heavy load operation and operates with low noise level. A magnetic sensor technology in combination with an electronic circuit control panel is used to ensure safety and ease of use. Sliding gate motor usually has a power ability from 800kg to commercial 2 ton. AC motor are durable and need less maintenance. However, the wiring of these systems have to be done with great care as a high voltage cable needs to be fed to the gate motors.

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