DC Moto GFM-905 with SSC Technology

Product Description:
Electric MotorDigital Servo control DC
Operating VoltageStandby : DC 9V Running: DC 16V
Maximum Current6.5A
Maximum Power50W
Output Torque260Nm@ maximum power
Gear Box23 elements planetary gear system
Output Speed2 r.p.m. @high speed
Total Gear Ratio1:1400
Operating Time8 second/90 degree@high speed
Gate Conditionmax. 1.8m per wing
GFM905 Catalogue

DC Moto GFM-905
The ultimate driver for swing type and folding type automatic gates - Automatic positioning - Stepless speed control - Built-in electric lock - Manual override key - Overload protected - Back-up Battery


The whole new concept towards the highest reliability
eliminates the obvious disadvantages whilist extracting and intergrating the advantages of the 2 popular designs in the market. For example, the floor-concealed type is prone to damage from water seepage into the engine compartment, but its swing type action is veri simple and effective; while, thehydraulic push-pulll type has a complicated and high joint-stress design, but is a smarter above-ground engine compartment design. With , is the perfect soution of an above-ground design to mimimize water seepage, combined with the most effective and natural swing type action for a smooth swing and easy maintenance.
In the event the system stops working, there is no complicated disassembling of the motor in order to move the gate manually. A single key stroke will disengaged the locking system, and the gate is free to move with your hand, all hassle free!
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