Having installed an Auto Gate by Jeni

For some, it is for convenience, while others think it as a security measure. Whatever the reason, auto gate systems are now as common as cars in almost every middle-class urban homes; although majority of them are still from the more well-off groups. And until recently, I have joined them as another urban home with auto gate system.

In truth, my reasons are rather flimsy when I decided to install one. I was just fed up with getting wet in the rain while I open the gates to drive my car in, then braving the rain once more to lock it shut. Now I only have to click the control, wait for the gate to open, drive in then click it close, without getting out of my car.

However, it is later that I realized its security advantages. I didn't realize how I had jeopardized my safety each time I left my car running while I get out to open the gate. Someone could have hijacked my car or just barge in my house while I open the gate! And since auto gates work n electric, with their system, I can actually use it to strengthen my home’s security features.

These are some of the benefits which I believe have led to most people installing one, other than the luxury of having one. However, I have also encountered a few hassles. Auto gates, for one, don’t usually work manual. Once, my control ran out of batteries, and I had to wait out for my sister to come home and open the gate because I couldn’t open it manually. Perhaps I should had it programmed from the start. Or get a spare remote.

And despite it being a strong security defense, it is not foolproof 100% Intruders can still tamper with the motor mechanism and get in, or they can just climb over. For the cost itself, it actually depends. Mine cost around RM2K, swing gate, average width, but prices are usually determined by these factors:

  • width of gate
  • type (swing or slide)
  • mechanical unit (motor gears or hydraulic, the latter more expensive)
  • gate's material (aluminum the most expensive, I think)

Thus, prices can range from the cheapest (most guaranteed to be problematic) RM1K+, to the most expensive foreign brands up to RM9K+, depending on which one you want. Not to mention maintenance, and the fees for repairs in between when they broke down, and how often. However, most will probably just change a new gate after the old one broke down, rather than spend a sum to repair it.

Using trustworthy brands or expertise from trustworthy companies may help. Paxter Security, Auto Gates Snd. Bhd., WestMark are some of the brands friends have mentioned, or I have found in forums. And all are Selangor-based or KL-based.

So far, my auto gate is still working, and seems to be working fine. Hopefully it will last for the next 10 years, or at least within warranty date.