Security Alert : [JiranTTDI] Parang Snatch Gang -Alert

date Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 10:34 PM

subject [JiranTTDI] Parang Snatch Gang -Alert

Dear All,

We have just witnessed the Parang Snatch Gang at around 9.15pm snatching the handbag of an elderly lady infront of her house at LRK1.

She had just come back home sent by her sister when 4 men on 2 motorbikes stormed in with parangs as she was opening the grill to her front door and the gate was wide open. They took her handbag and the keys to the house. Her sister was still in the car with the car locked and horned loudly but 2 of the guys in their anger slashed her car with the parang and threw 2 bricks to her side left window. They then left hurriedly before neighbours could confront them. The 4 men on the two motorbikes sped off through LRK2 and LRK3 and disappeared. According to the victims, they were very sure that they were not being followed. These 4 Parang Snatch Gang were just waiting to ambush any potential victim.

HomeGuard came about 20 minutes after the incident. By the way, the house is located next to the small side lane for easy getaway.

House owners next to side lanes, please be very careful.